RakuRobo® – the perfect solution for all applications





Hand-held Controller

RakuRobo® can be operated with a simple hand-held device without PC.
You can
• start and stop the robot
• select program parts
• perform teach-in
• read error codes

I/O Emulation Card

With the I/O emulation card you can program RakuRobo® at your desk. The integration into an automation environment you simply simulate through a button for each input and a LED for each output. In addition, all inputs and outputs are connected to terminals.

Gripping tools

The mechanical gripper head of RakuRobo® can be set up to 6 Gripper elements which can be replaced in a few minutes if required. noficontrol offers 3 standard sizes for workpieces up to 28mm diameter. Custom grippers are easy to implement due to its simple mechanical interface If the workpiece should be picked through a vacuum-pad, RakuRobo® simply takes the appropriate vacuum-pad from the tool-holder. No effort emerges for tool changes.

Tool pad

In many applications RakuRobo® lifts the workpiece through a vacuum-pad. RakuRobo® simply takes the appropriate Vacuum-pad from a tool holder. The tool-holder can accommodate up to 4 vacuum-pads. A time-consuming mechanical tool change is not required.